Do you like to learn new skills in cyber security? Do you enjoy learning on your own through books, videos, and online resources? I am very often looking to find the next topic or skillset to spend time on exploring, and over the years I have found a few websites that I could repeatedly rely on for a wide variety of free academics. I have compiled them below along with some bullet-points on why each may be of value to you as they have been to me.

Happy learning!

Open Security Training

  • 29 classes (13 with videos) ranging from beginner to advanced
  • Pick what you want and you can download the lesson in PowerPoint or PDF
  • Most classes with videos include downloadable videos instead of just YouTube links
  • Topics include:
    • Assembly, forensics, and reverse engineering for Android, ARM, Intel x86, and Intel x86-64, reverse engineering malware (from beginner to advanced)
    • Hacking techniques, software exploitation, Windows exploitation
    • Defensive techniques, flow analysis, network hunting
    • Cryptography, cryptology, cryptanalysis

SANS Cyber Aces

  • You can download the handouts/slides to review on your own
  • This is free SANS training pulled from their formal curriculum
  • Topics include Linux and Windows fundamentals, networking and the OSI model, and details into PHP, Bash, and PowerShell

Offensive Security, Metasploit Unleashed

  • Master many of the ins and outs of Metasploit. Don’t think it’s just a “script kiddie” tool; the pros depend on it too. This will give you the knowledge on how to use it for custom and much more advanced attacks.
  • Good for both Metasploit novices and more experienced users
  • From scanning, to exploit development, to scripting, and maintaining access
  • Highly recommended if you want to advance your skillset
  • Click the red box under “MSFU Navigation” to get started


  • These are all video-based academics
  • Registration required, but you get free access to hundreds of hours worth of training videos
  • Offers beginner through advanced courses
  • Topics include crypto, python, exploitation, malware analysis, offensive and defensive techniques


  • This is like a YouTube website specifically for cyber offense and defense learning
  • Highly recommend checking out the videos under “Megaprimers”
  • Metasploit Framework
  • Exploit Research
  • Windows & Linux Assembly
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Format Strings

Packt Publishing

  • Tons of digital books and videos on an incredible range of cyber security tools, programming languages, and technologies
  • A free and downloadable e-book is given away every day

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